Professional Communication Courses

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Customer Service


Customer Service Courses

  • The Ultimate Customer Service Representative
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    Comprehensive 8 day programme

    Providing the sort of great customer service that boosts customer satisfaction and retention rates requires a unique combination of skills and attitude. Participating in this series of workshops will help you succeed in your role by providing you with new insight into key areas such as developing the right mind-set, managing customer conversations from greeting to close, asking questions to uncover customer needs and confidently handling complaints and difficult customers. From greeting people effectively to using impeccable telephone etiquette, you’ll gain a range of skills from this programme. You will understand the power of adapting your communication style to help you deal with a variety of challenges and customer types.

    The programme is delivered in a one-day-a-month format. This reduces the pressure of managing your workload while attending training. It also means you will leave each workshop with a set of new skills that can be practised at work before the next workshop. If you are currently working as, or aiming to become, a customer service representative or your role involves frequent interaction with customers, face to face or over the phone, this course is ideal. It is the perfect investment for any customer service professional who wants to be at the top of their game and give outstanding value to their organisation.

  • Service Excellence - A Competetive Advantage
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    1 day course

    When you offer similar products or services to your competition, providing first-class customer service will make all the difference. A great experience can turn occasional customers into loyal fans. This course gives you strategies to delight your customers, and build the reputation of your business on great service. If you’d like to make sure every customer gets the best possible service, this workshop is for you. Brush up on your skills or send your colleagues.

  • Managing Customer Complaints
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    1 day course

    Nobody enjoys dealing with a grumpy customer. But there are ways to take the stress out of difficult situations and this workshop will show you how. Capturing complaints early and dealing with them effectively can strengthen client relationships and lead to significant improvements in organisational processes and service levels. In this workshop, you’ll learn skills, develop new tools and build the confidence needed to get the best out of a complaint situation.

  • Telephone Skills for Customer Service Professionals
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    1 day course

    Telephone conversations remove the ability to read facial expressions, making it vitally important that your tone of voice and choice of words convey the customer service levels expected of your organisation. During this workshop you will learn the essential ideas and conversational skills required to solve problems, build trust, increase repeat business, exceed expectations and develop great customer relationships.

  • Great Customer Service Over the Phone (Webinar)
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    90 minute webinar

    It isn’t always possible to be face-to-face with your customers, so the phone has always been an essential part of doing business. In this snappy, information-rich webinar, you’ll learn tips for engaging in powerful inbound and outbound calls. If you regularly handle calls from your customers, work in a call centre or are employed on a help-desk, then this interactive webinar will help you refine your phone skills. It’s also ideal for those new to call-handling roles.

Leadership Courses

  • Emotional Intelligence - An Introduction
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    1 day course

    Sometimes emotions get in the way of performance. But once you take some of the emotional charge out of a challenging situation, things run more smoothly. Being able to do this requires a solid level of emotional intelligence. This one-day workshop builds your emotional intelligence by giving you the ability to recognise and understand emotions, and their impact on behaviour and attitudes. Improving your EI will give you essential skills in handling workplace challenges and managing your team more effectively.

  • Influencing People
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    1 day course

    In any team, technical competence is not enough to establish a high level of collaboration. Influencing skills are key. And to truly motivate and inspire, you must first be aware of your own personal patterns of thought and communication. If you’re in a role where building strong collaborations is essential, the content in this workshop will help you get better outcomes. And it will boost your success when influencing both internal and external stakeholders. This course is suitable for both leaders and team members.

  • Leading Multicultural Teams to Success
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    1 day course

    In our increasingly multicultural work environment, understanding cultural differences can help reduce team conflict, increase collaboration, improve decision-making and allow you and your team to achieve peak performance. This course gives you the tools to confidently adapt your leadership style so you respond effectively to the needs of your diverse team. Learn how to motivate and communicate clearly across cultures, and use different perspectives to tackle challenges.

About Us

Will Moore

Real Spark Director, Course Designer and Lead Trainer Will Moore has trained managers, team leaders and staff for over 15 years. He works with companies and organisations of all sizes and across many industries. He’s also trained extensively in the public sector and with non-profit organisations, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Will specialises in effective communication skills and the habits of great customer service. Throughout his career he’s retained a strong enthusiasm for training which empowers people to communicate confidently under pressure and in challenging situations.

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Carolynn Day

Real Spark Relationships and Resources Manager Carolynn Day has wide experience in project and events management in the UK and New Zealand. She handles enquires and makes sure we uphold our commitment to excellent customer service before, during and after training. Carolynn is committed to building and maintaining strong, constructive relationships through proactive and ongoing customer support.

She also runs Clarity, our document editing and writing service and organises our Point of Service Mystery Caller surveys.

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Will, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for being part of our conference this weekend – not just as a facilitator, but as a participant.

Whether you realise it or not, both you and Carolynn give off an awesome energy and really inspire people just by sitting next to them. You guys rock!

Kerri Tilby-Price, CEO, Exult Ltd
The training was excellent, perfectly tailored to our needs with a good combination of theoretical content and practical exercises. Everyone appreciated Will’s confident presentation and professional facilitation of the day.

His skills were superb in integrating the experiences people proffered into the workshop. I hear staff talking about some of the concepts and feel confident that what was discussed is being practically applied.

Dr Sheryl Jury, Auckland Regional Public Health Service
Will’s contribution to the Ericsson Leadership Core Curriculum has been invaluable. Will’s mix of professionalism and humour puts people immediately at ease and creates outstanding group rapport.

His habit of challenging delegates to move beyond their comfort zones and reach a deeper understanding of the course material has proved highly effective.

Elaine Taylor, Master Trainer, Ericsson Leadership Core Curriculum
At Palmerston North City Council we pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our region and it’s residents. So it was only natural to take that same service ethic and apply it to the way our corporate services training was delivered to the organisation.

We chose Real Spark as our partner to show us the most effective way of doing that. They’d already delivered so well for us in the past.

The benefits of this decision were apparent even before we started. Will Moore from Real Spark helped us tailor a solution that not only raised the level of awareness and customer service capability, but also ensured a fit with our organisation’s values.

We trained 50+ people over the course of a week and the outcome was exactly what we were looking for - and that was a motivated, informed and empathetic customer service ethic.

Brent White, Information Manager, Palmerston North City Council
Will is a professional and confident presenter and his skills to facilitate the workshop were nothing short of excellent.

Peek has a diverse group of people and Will's ability to get everyone involved and excited about their participation was fantastic.

Eugene Fraser, General Manager, Peek Exhibition Design & Display

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