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Assertiveness Skills


Assertiveness is the art of standing up for yourself while respecting other people and their needs. This course compares assertiveness to unassertive communication and provides a number of easy-to-learn assertiveness techniques for everyday situations. At work (with your boss, workmates and customers) at home (with family members and friends) and when you're out and about (with shop workers, officials and strangers).

Course content

  • What is assertiveness?
  • The benefits of saying 'No'
  • The value of being direct
  • Using 'I' Statements
  • Easy-to-learn techniques
  • Tips on being diplomatic
  • Tips for when you need to be tough
  • What stops you being assertive?
  • Assertive thinking (and non-assertive thinking)
Content can be customised to meet your needs.

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Perfect Presentations


These days, many of us are called on to give presentations to groups of people. Often this is part of our work role but it's also common within the clubs and associations we belong to. PowerPoint has become the go-to tool for adding some interesting visuals to your talk, but how many of us feel completely confident using that tool to create impactful and engaging presentations? This course shows you how to avoid common pitfalls and create impactful presentations which help get your message across.

Course content

  • The advantages of presentations with images
  • How our eyes and ears can work together to process information
  • How to grab and keep attention
  • Making it easier for people to learn and remember
  • Avoiding confusion and keeping things clear
  • Avoiding overload and keeping things simple
  • Avoiding split attention and keeping things focused
  • Avoiding distractions and keeping things relevant
Content can be customised to meet your needs.

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Amelia Stone

I’m an experienced course designer and facilitator with a strong background in communication skills and leadership. Originally from the UK, I have experience working within diverse cultures, delivering training in Europe, Asia and Latin America as well as extensively throughout New Zealand. I work with people at all levels, from decision makers to those at the 'sharp end'.

I’m committed to diversity and inclusion, and building strong and lasting relationships. My collaboration and facilitation styles are responsive, supportive, and motivational, respecting the knowledge, experience and expertise everyone brings to a project. I stand behind ethical work practices and organisations that demonstrate genuine social responsibility.

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I just wanted to say a huge thanks for being part of our conference this weekend – not just as a facilitator, but as a participant.

Whether you realise it or not, both you and Carolynn give off an awesome energy and really inspire people just by sitting next to them. You guys rock!

Kerri Tilby-Price, CEO, Exult Ltd
The training was excellent, perfectly tailored to our needs with a good combination of theoretical content and practical exercises. Everyone appreciated Amelia’s confident presentation and professional facilitation of the day.

Her skills were superb in integrating the experiences people proffered into the workshop. I hear staff talking about some of the concepts and feel confident that what was discussed is being practically applied.

Dr Sheryl Jury, Auckland Regional Public Health Service
Amelia's contribution to the Ericsson Leadership Core Curriculum has been invaluable. Amelia’s mix of professionalism and humour puts people immediately at ease and creates outstanding group rapport.

Her habit of challenging delegates to move beyond their comfort zones and reach a deeper understanding of the course material has proved highly effective.

Elaine Taylor, Master Trainer, Ericsson Leadership Core Curriculum
At Palmerston North City Council we pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our region and its residents. So it was only natural to take that same service ethic and apply it to the way our corporate services training was delivered to the organisation.

We chose Real Spark as our partner to show us the most effective way of doing that. They’d already delivered so well for us in the past.

The benefits of this decision were apparent even before we started. Amelia from Real Spark helped us tailor a solution that not only raised the level of awareness and customer service capability, but also ensured a fit with our organisation’s values.

We trained 50+ people over the course of a week and the outcome was exactly what we were looking for - and that was a motivated, informed and empathetic customer service ethic.

Brent White, Information Manager, Palmerston North City Council
Amelia is a professional and confident presenter and the facilitation skills used throughout the workshop were nothing short of excellent.

Peek has a diverse group of people and Amelia's ability to get everyone involved and excited about their participation was fantastic.

Eugene Fraser, General Manager, Peek Exhibition Design & Display
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